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I believe living life can be our greatest creative expression. There are times; however, when we feel disconnected from the ability to create the life we wish to experience. During such times, we are often immersed in limiting beliefs, relationships, and situations causing us to lose hope and spark. A well guided tarot reading can help provide remedy to these blocks by creating fresh perspective and clarity on the topics you wish to focus on. Take a step toward reconnecting with your own light and wisdom, and determine what your next step might be toward your best life.

-Karen Linnae

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Are Sessions Recorded?

I am not set up for recording; however you are welcome to record our session together.

Can you see everything in my life?

No. I see the energy of the moment around the matters that concern you most. We use cards as a tool to help you see the same and find clarity around a topic of your choice.

Who calls who?

For phone sessions, I will call you from the phone number shared in your scheduling confirmation. 

Is tarot for fortune telling? Will you tell my future?

I do not tell fortunes. In my experience, Tarot reflects in pictures what we often already know in our hearts to be true. I read the current energies and likely outcomes, if all things remain the same. Tarot is a beautiful way to parse through confusing matters, to regain a sense of  agency for yourself. You write your story!

Do I have to tell you what the reading is about? 

Your choice. I enjoy beginning a reading as a general reading, allowing you to see what is relevant for yourself. As the story unfolds we will narrow the focus to your desired topic. That said, some clients come in with a burning question to ask and prefer to get right to it. 

What does a reading look like?

If you are new to tarot readings, we will sit together and select the cards to work with for your session.  I will point out the symbols and archetypes represented in the cards and how they relate to one another, then look at them collectively as they relate to a matter you want to think through. For zoom sessions you will see the card layout. For phone sessions I will message photos of the cards for you to follow along. Each modality listed here works well.

terms and conditions

Terms and Condition
  • Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

  • All readings are held confidential by me.

  • Clients must be 18 years or older.

  • Tarot readings with Linnae do not replace professional legal or medical advice.

  • Tarot readings do not serve as a replacement for therapy with a mental health professional.

  • Any advice or interpretations made in the context of a reading is for the purpose of self reflection. They are never meant to be used as directives, you are responsible for your what you do after a reading.

  • Readings may be rescheduled up to 12 hours in advance and a credit will be issued valid for one year from original date.

  • By purchasing a reading, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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