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Karen Linnae



I found Tarot during a major life transition when I was reaching for any resource to relieve the uncertainty that comes with dramatic change. Of all the modalities employed in that time, Tarot found a special place in my heart and then in my daily contemplative practice.

Karen Linnae Sitting on Rug.jpg

It became a reflective aid for personal growth and the genesis of a four-year deep-dive into studying the symbolism, archetypes and the synchronicities that show up in each colorful card. Ever curious to observe how other people experience this modality, I offered readings to anyone who would sit and explore a topic with me through tarot. Time and again I’d see a friend’s face light up or hear a sigh of relief when a question explored through tarot became clearer or validated or viewed from a fresh new perspective. Tarot became the gift I shared with my community. Then a very beautiful thing happened, the community I was gifting with tarot began to gift me back. Friends who relied on the insight gleaned in a tarot session began to reciprocate with gifts or insist on paying for the quality of time received. I realized my passion for the study and practice of tarot had evolved into a mastery of holding space for others while exploring matters close to the heart. From this experience I became intentional about tarot reading as a vocation.

 I would be honored to work with you!

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