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Fun & Death Cards at The Goddess Craft Market

Place: My reading table at Goddess Craft Market in April

Context: It was about the 20th tarot reading of the day.

A querent sat across the table from me and asked her question. I shuffled cards and gave a brief orientation to the process adding

"Just so you know, the Death card has shown up in almost every reading today. Don't be alarmed." Then I stopped and said "Wait...just for fun, let's see if we can shake that off!" I pulled out a fresh tarot deck, smudged it with sage and resumed shuffling. She selected the first card... It was Death. We laughed and proceeded with the reading, which was not at all doom and gloom.

The major arcana Death card is foreboding to look at. However, I can say, after undergoing some major Death card category changes, I've grown to see it as a signal of regeneration, an assurance of new beginnings. If we choose - and we always have a choice - we can see the Death card and be assured that life supports us NOT being stuck in patterns or views that do not serve our greater good.

These flowers appear on the lakeshore every spring when my friends and I pull our paddle boards out for the first paddle of the year. They offer nectar for honey, color & fragrance to the passerby, then drop their seeds and fade away. By early summer there is no indication these flowers dotted the grass beside the lake - not all things in our lives are meant to last. In our human experience, big changes are rarely flowery, seamless or comfortable and this is where a thorough tarot reading can serve you well. First by showing the energy at play. Did the Death card show up? Is regeneration supported by the universe at this time? What do the surrounding cards say about healthy next steps? How can you care for yourself and others in this process? How can you move through change with grace? All of the questions those yellow flowers don't need to ask, but we do!

More thoughts on the Death card to come as it seems to be following me around wanting screen time. Thank you for reading this and if you sense changes coming your way, schedule a reading on the services page. It will be my pleasure to work with you!

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